101 Parkshore Drive Folsom, CA 95630
Open hours: Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm
  • How to join?
    1. Non-refundable yearly $80 membership.  Get 1 Year
    2. We are also running a $400 lifetime membership promotion to use all of our LCP benefits for life. Get Lifetime
  • What are the benefits?
    1. Loyal Customer Ammo Service:
      • Check out for ammo—they have consumer prices cheaper than my dealer cost.
      • Email to LCP@LOYALARMS.COM (this is only for expedited scrambling purchase since ammo at great prices goes out incredibly fast), the website link to item, quantity, and add the 7.75% sales tax; NO transfer fees, NO shipping fees, and NO storage fees.
      • We contact you once ammo arrives and you pay at time of pickup.
    2. Additional Membership Benefits
      • No prepayment on ammo orders below $400 for annual members and $500 for lifetime members or up to member’s order history average.
      • For lifetime members: additional 10% off if you order ammo directly from our online store at (minimum $200 order).
      • For lifetime members: 50% off all 3rd party ammo purchase transfers.
      • For lifetime members: We pay your Standard Ammunition Eligibility Check once on every transaction–even if CA increases the fee in the future.  This has a current value of $1, not much but this is all we can afford.
      • For lifetime members: Extra 5% discount on Aeroprecision products as advertised on their website for minimum order of $200. (Prior to May 2020, all members get this regardless of purchase price.) <== this has proven difficult due to limited dealer inventory
      • A new benefit is underway; we want to make it a good one!  This will be announced before October 1.
        WE GOT IT==> 5% discount for annual members and 10% for lifetime members on all orders above $500!