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How do I transfer firearm with Loyal Arms?

Please see detailed information at Services under “Transfer a firearm with Loyal Arms”

How do I transfer ammunition with Loyal Arms?

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What about Private Party Transfer?

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Why we charge 10% order confirmation payment?

We no longer take deposits, all orders must go through

How to buy ammo on July 1, 2019?

We are asked by this question everyday.  This could be a very big change compare to how consumers used to purchase ammunition currently.  Simply put, background check is CA required to purchase ammo.  There are 2 different background checks for ammo:

  1. Standard Eligibility Check is $1 with immediate status update
  2. Basic Eligibility Check is $19 with maximum of 10 days to update status

Exception to the ammo check is when you are pickup a firearm, purchase of ammo can be attached to the original firearm background check.

We have compiled several links below with more details information on this change:

What is singleaction exemption?
This exemption applies to any off-roster revolver that requires the hammer to be manually cocked by hand before each shot. The revolver must have a barrel at least 3″ in length, an overall length of 7.5″, and a cylinder that holds at least 5 rounds.