101 Parkshore Drive Folsom, CA 95630
Open hours: M-F 9am - 5pm; Sun 10am - 4pm
  • How to join?
    1. Non-refundable yearly $100 membership.  Get 1 Year LCP Here
    2. We are also running a $500 lifetime membership promotion to use all of our LCP benefits for life. Get Lifetime LCP Here
    3. We also have one call “MEGA” LCP.
  • What are the benefits?
    1. Loyal Customer Ammo Service:
      • Check out for ammo, and Norma only, Minimum $150 per order).
      • Email to LCP@LOYALARMS.COM (this is only for expedited scrambling purchase since ammo at great prices goes out incredibly fast), the website link to item, quantity, and add the 7.75% sales tax; NO transfer fees, NO shipping fees, and NO storage fees.
      • We call you once ammo arrives and you pay at pickup.
    2. Additional Membership Benefits
      • 5% discount for annual members and 10% discount for lifetime members on all orders. (Exclude explicit identified items)
      • Custom orders of $250 minimum from the following sites will be offered with corresponding LCP membership discount of 5% – 10% off posted prices.
        • Aero Precision
        • Stag Arms
      • For lifetime members: 50% off all 3rd party ammo purchase transfers.
      • For lifetime members: We pay your Standard Ammunition Eligibility Check once on every transaction–even if CA increases the fee in the future.  This has a current value of $1, not much but this is all we can afford.
Loyal Training Class Benefits – Get trained here

We have added training classes into our LCP membership!

Starting July 1, 2023, we are adding training benefits for our LCP members and their family.  We truly believe a family that trains together are always stronger.

  • All training classes including CCW Class:
    • 10% off for LCP Annual members
    • 20% off for LCP Lifetime members
  • LCP family training benefit:
    • LCP Annual members can bring their family at the same discount
    • LCP Lifetime members can bring their family at the same discount